My House in Vancouver

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I am staying in a homestay host and the nationality of the family that has touched me is Filipino (as 80% of foster families that often touch the people in Canada, come on). Well, I tell you a little bit from the beginning:

I arrived on a hot and sunny day in Vancouver. But I do not mean that sticky heat that nothing else move already you're sweating and you don't feel like doing anything, but a nice and warm warmth giving liked to go walking.

But in my case, was not a pleasant walk, since he was sweating and tired by the effort to move the suitcase superpesada of about 30 kilos a few districts that was stepping for the first time and after a while (about 20 mins), came to my house, to the address which gave me the English school to which I pointed me leading me that a huge White House. Finally reached my destination!

82Steve Carell as Gru...

Specifically, this House:


I looked up down at the House and leaving the suitcase on a small ledge, I climbed the stairs and touched the Bell, with the expectation that these moments give you of "wow, the time has come." See who he opens the door, to see as they are".
I waited a while and returned to ring the doorbell by pressing a little more for a longer time if they had not heard (or I know why they usually play longer the second time.)
I kept waiting and nothing, there did not appear anyone. I played once again the ringer and I made sure that the ringer worked (as it sounded inside) .and I also heard noises inside the House, it seemed that someone was coming at last!
But it will, that is, nobody showed out there.

Had no idea what to do… And I thought: ' shit, and now? " I just arriving in a country for the first time, do not have any contact which can go, have a superpesada suitcase that prevents me from moving easily and the family assumed that I must accept is not!" My face was like:


Nothing, wait to sit about 10 minutes and then said "that milk, I'm going to try to talk with neighbors".

And I went to the back of the House to see if there was someone there.
And indeed there was a Mr mayorcete making works with a screwdriver, giving Reed to a table that was boring (normal that me not hear).
Saw me, with a little face of astonishment/bobo and I told him the situation.
I said not all clear, but with a call from your phone, he sent me to another nearby house was about 100 meters.

It turns out that he had gone to the right direction, the Lord was the father of the family that I had to qualify, but that the White House was under construction and currently living in "the old house" and which until not the white, was finished would be all on the other.

Well, I went to another House and there was waiting for me a Lady of about 60 years, (who was the wife of the Lord) and she welcomed me and already showed me the House and all that that entails. This was another House:


The case is that it is a large enough, with two apartments and 5 rooms with a bathroom on each floor.

The kitchen:


And the room that this was the first time that I saw it and thus "was when you arrive" with a Filipino drama in pause:


Here is a photo from the inside, which seems the typical scene of American film, where a family member from inside notes as the smug come to your House to kill them lol:


On the other hand, the owner is very friendly, Christian and believer enough (many things bring you the remembrance of the Lord). For example this picture that I have in my room

Picture House vancouver

Here is a photo of my girlfriend at the entrance of my home, with florets that there is. A big flower among flowers hehe:



Regarding food, most of the food is based on always rice and noodles and vegetables, occasionally changing a pequeniiiisima portion of meat between most of the time, chicken beef few and pork almost never.

In my case only have half pension, i.e. breakfast and dinner, since at the time of the food I usually plundering always out and clear, them others students of my house that have food also, is carry a sandwich and a zumofrutas and… as I said a Taiwanese "Maybe it is not enough" (perhaps not enough) and after school, then going to Costco or other place for something to eat (with what you spend equally).

But I have a bold little secret, that since I have only breakfast and dinner, if someday dined away from home, returning was not hungry, but what I do is get into a taper the cena+parte of breakfast the next day and took him to me as food that day, thus sparing me the eaten by the served! Do you get it?


Another curious thing is that sauces have to give and take, of all kinds. I sometimes use them like crazy with the rice to give it some flavor when I'm hungry and there is nothing more that match it:


and here's a brunch (Brunch, as it is known) obviously with rice (three delights, unless something…). At least something is something:



If you are a homestay, almost certainly you will have at least 1-2 partners than they are like you. That would be normal (although in 2010 in Toronto was a single part and then came an Arab, but of course, I was only one month and Filipina lady was certainly starting in that scene to welcome students).
Then there are cases like mine that we are like a big family… that I'm going to say, about 12-13 students!.

We are Japanese 1, 2 Japanese, 1 Taiwan, 1 Filipino, 1 Mexican 1 Taiwanese (before a Brazilian) and I!

And you say so many people in a House? Well, actually we are 4 sleeping in a House (mine), and others are on the other, in the white (that as I have said, it is half-baked, but has some rooms prepared for students, and in August I think, we move all the troop to the new House, which by the way, all the husband Filipina is preparing it without hiring plumbers or electricians or anything) but for dinner we gathered everyone in the old House and there tend to be hanging out.

Here the Mexican and I at one of those dinners, teaching Latin music to others and being silly:

That was the first month. We are even more so now that it's been 2 months. The Taiwanese have multiplied and are 4 now! While the Mexican continues, the number of Japanese (2) Although one is different, 1 Italianini, 1 new Brasileiro, Filipina and a Korean!

Here at a dinner rich Pasta Carbonara real (without cream or milk!) that made us Italians, friends of my roommate also Italian (that kid that is in the middle)


And this dinner saying goodbye to the Japanese and Japanese that I have at my side:


After all this say: "as that friendly and affectionate lady not?" He admits to many students at home. "Must of have love to give and take".
As it may be, but it is also true that the families obtained financial aid from the Canadian Government for hosting people in his house. Although without aid also, taking in has that are 10 students and each one will pay a half of 700 dollars monthly, 7000 dollars that are pockets. Spending 2000 in food Basic or if you want to 3000, then you are still other 4000 for herself. (All this mental straw mine and without having no idea eh).


Therefore, that this type of families tend to be immigrants (No-Canadienses) who have come here to earn a living the most. Which milks immigrants, Filipino! In 80% of cases, you are going to find Philippine host families in Canada.

It's funny because my school I've been to other Spanish student who is in homestay and just tell me that "I'm tired of my house, they always give me the same" already have been able to suspect that his family was Filipino. When I have you said has been scared of how it had been successful that. As well, look again the statistics above lol.

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