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I will write here about just some happenings or the little things more peculiar or ‘interesting’ that I pass by way of journal of Vancouver.

We’ll I’ll tell what I want (probably not relevant for you), but as a daily and without any order.

July 19

They arrest the person who was next to me in the library

Today in the library have been stopped was to my side sitting in plan “you are arrested under” and all.


It was a guy who had done nothing while I was at my side, but seems that I had previously eaten biscuits or something well within the library and are not allowed to eat anything (unless that drinks are closed, that can be).

When has sat by my side, if that did paint a little homeless but not to become it, a little paint and now. Well, he has brought his computer and has been doing their things in silence and respecting others.

In that sometimes came a guy up the library to tell him to leave, that he could not be there. The other was unaware of it and said that it would not be that it was a place public. Then in an of those visits of the saves, has said that going to call to the police. And that has happened.

Has come it police, and the same discussion: “that he not could be there, that was a place private etc” the another les remained saying that “that was a place public that not you could take that not was doing nothing bad” (and in think that has all the reason) and besides this, the chico tried to ignore or pass of it police (before you had operated with the saves) and les said that not touch nothing of he , that not be going to any site.

And then as it was not working, as the police have begun to pick up and turn off the computer of the boy and another freaking out in a tone half lloro-rabia but without being aggressive that “leave my stuff, not the toqueis” (in plan but you are doing) and then as it has been raised half desperate, have arrested him.

In that time I have paragraph slightly to them of the law do its work. It was slightly in tension if began beating me gave me or something, but the guy has been aggressive ever, simply said that was entitled to be there since it was a place public. And the police saying that no, that was private and that were not going to discuss that.

And as for not working have arrested him.

A little tension but nothing.

And it is true that in the library there are sometimes people with rare spots, but I think they are right to be like everyone else if they are able to preserve the atmosphere of calm and study, no?

July 25

They have stolen my towel!

And it is that this is another of the problems of coexistence, that things disappear. In this case a prized towel brought from Korea with a cute drawing, East in particular:

WhatsApp-Image-20160716 (13)

And is that she needed a towel and my girlfriend, very nice and I thank from here gift me! Total lasted me a month.

It was put in the washing machine along with other clothes, go to pick it up the next day and find me my clothes taken off and well sorted and placed outside, Peeeeeeero without my towel.

sad pika

And it is that you lose something you already start to think of all your things that you are missing and you see “thieves” on all sides…

I will say that in part that someone has caught it me that another theory more occurs to you, because you are going, one day to another that Miss… And it is not the first time that disappears me somewhat, because previously disappeared me (that will take time to realize) a sleep shirt.

mmmm, now that think I’m doubting other purple t-shirt, but I’m not sure if this suit it or not… Start the paranoia that everything you lost.

Holy living.

But I will fight to find it! I’ll ask everyone about it! It begins in search of the lost towel.

03 August

The Taiwanese, Lili has gone and becomes an Arab House

And esque always makes you sad when someone goes. And it’s now time of comings and goings. In this case it was Lili, a very nice and friendly Taiwanese who always smiled and was in a very good mood. Here is a picture of her and mine to remember (when it was volunteering at the Japanese festival).

Lele and Ander

And what gave me going (a Canadian flag with a message and an object Taiwanese to ask God if you have or do something and nose as depending on that part falls better you see the answer, no idea)):

Gift of Lele

The message that I left in the little flag:

Gift of lele

You will miss from less Lili!


And has become an Arabic that was in this same House makes 3 years… ago 3 five! It turns out it’s pilot and that before the hard work because is has walked Vancouver to relax and visit his old mother hehe.

The LAD, seems very nice to see how it goes with it! 🙂

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