The neighborhood and surroundings

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When I arrived to the neighborhood of my house in Vancouver, I felt like the typical American, in a supertranquila area, where dwellings are individual private bungalows, with their own outer and where you find your neighbors watering their plants and greet you giving you good morning… as in the films go!


And it’s so, here houses are private individual houses. The houses are small and each one has her personal plot to do whatever they want, planting fruits, hedges…

This is exactly the view I have from my neighborhood:


and it’s a House that has a curious arbolcito. Is as a bonsay.

Bonsay in Vancouver

Normally these neighborhoods are surrounded by pretty green and there is always about nature. In my case, is an area full of parks to walk the dog, play soccer, baseball… or simply be there resting.

It is also curious that in my area there are many very well maintained and open to the world tennis courts:


And here you can see a video where I do “the attempt to play tennis” in one of the many tracks, but go that you I do not much professional style:

In short is a quiet, cozy and friendly neighborhood.

And it is milk because my early days, when he knew nothing about the city, I started to walk aimlessly and look toward where it could go, I could see the big city far away:


And it is that Vancouver is a city that combines nature and civilization! If he looked at a part I could see the big city as in the photo above, with its skyscrapers and everything. But if it rotated 90 degrees, you can see the Rocky and snowy mountains! And to the West is the sea! It is a city quite so complete for nature lovers!


I think a last this and that few cities have.

Walking can find me more things like the mythical yellow bus American of the Simpsons, with its own STOP sign and everything on its side:


I also found other interesting things:


Keep walking by my area, I found myself with a kind of train that stood out and passed over the road and the normal road and made me remember the futuristic films, where “trains” by their own Lane, have their own independent way!

In fact it’s nothing otherworldly, but this feeling gave me, came me to mind this image:


Skytrain is called, and is the means of transport in the city of Vancouver. Unlike other transportation systems that I have known, I can say that Skytrain size is a bit smaller than other trains or meters, but they tend to become very often stops, each 2 minutes maximum, so it is fine (although in the morning must wait to pass many skytraines because of the number of people who use it and go to Downtown often get filled).

And here a video of the own SKYTRAIN:

Well, somewhat futuristic if you have not?


Another curiosity is that in my neighborhood… There are no pigeons! But instead of them there are crows, a peazo of crows that had never seen such size or at least did not remember them as well to these bichajos! If they are almost bigger than me!

Whenever I walk around my neighborhood I find them. And some are left watching you really!

It seems that someone is near! (This only some it means):

Raven naruto

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