My journey by plane

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“One post of travelling by plane?”  Seriously one post about HOW YOU TRAVELED ON AN AIRPLANE?”

Well, seems that, since I have had the worst experience flying so far with WESTJET (Canadian airplane company), although it is not their fault really, because they offer what they have and you take it or not, no ones forces you to fly with them. But I did it, ignoring what I was doing…

The situation was: One way trip  from Madrid to Vancouver, with a stopover in London. Final price = 263 €.
So in London I took the plane of Westjet to Vancouver. Okay, we know is a low-cost company and the price is really good, but it is a 9 hour trip! (After you will notice why I say that).

Well, the real journey began when I seat in my seat (Badum ts!).

The Plane was half empty and beside me nobody sat. Better, so I had more space! But hold on… There is no the typical individual screen to watch movies! Well, it’s okay, sure that they gonna broadcast a movie for all the passangers in the screens that will open upon our heads… but i was looking constantly for that momment but it does not fall anything above our heads. So… there is nothing interactive in the plane.
Suddenly I saw the stewards were offering something to the passangers, and thats includes… Tablets for all! I notice that some people are taking them but… one second… why almost nobody does it? Dont tell me they charge you for those tablets?
Well thats it… with one hand they have tablets and with the other they have visatakermachines to charge you about 20 dollars for use the thables… When the stewards approaches to me the with her sweet smile, my answer was clear:


Pay to use tablets? Never!

Me 1 – Lowcost company 0

And with my wisdom I managed with my laptop and with a SD memory I moved some movie to my mobile phone and I could watched it, because attention, the seat had USB port to connect my charger to the phone and have unlimited battery. Here they get me a little.

A couple of hours has been past and I already started to feel a bit hunger. Suddenly I saw the cart food and I can sense the great food smell in the air. I was happy because the food is arriving! (I don’t know why, but the airplane meals gives me special illusion.)
But again they bring the pileup of visa and I noticed people was paying… and me:

“Well, perhaps somebody has ordered something specific and they are giving them and the food for all passangers is coming little after”, but I already have a bit of sense that it was not going to be like that… then to be sure, I asked the stewards (although already had suspicions of what the answer would be, even within me I believed that everything could be a dream and THE FREE FOOD, at some point, would come). The stewards replied with an “Unafortunately no sir” and I stayed with this face:


“Unafortunately” she says, as if it were a fortune to have free food or not, sure, you can’t go to the kitchen and bring whatever, is just fortune thing…

Then I remembered that just before the trip I was little hungry, but I said “I’ll stand it, since is almost lunch time and in an 9 hour fly they will give us something to eat soon for sure” and then I didn’t buy anything, believing that if I ate something before fly, I would not be able to eat the delicious and great meal of the plane with which I dreamed).
But nothing at all… still freaking out and with a litte anger, I said to myself ” never in earth I am going to pay for something that I believe it is basic and that they would may give to us. I will hold my 9 hours without eating, like a champion”

But of course, they are 9 looong hours without eating… (beside the hours at the previous  plane + the stopover in Madrid, in total about 13 hours) and with my pride I can hold out 4-5 hours… but your stomach does not cares about the pride and guys, hunger is stronger than anything so it always wins… so it is in vain to fight.
And then I looked at the plane meals menu and of course, something cheap… is difficult to find.
Also that once you pay, you must eat because you are paying for it, so you need to select carefully, no chances to miss-chose.

 So I did,I bet an all in and I ordered this :


And in all the trip is everything I had ate, besides of some coffe-cookies that often they bring you and that the steward gaves me as forgiving my life and saying as “Enjoy, kid, swell you” and laughing at my misery…

laughing 3

But well, the fact is that I can’t blame the airline, I already am the only guilty and have not looked at what they offered.

If you are only willing to offer you the flight, what is a seat for your journey and nothing more, WestJet is your airline.

Finally I’m going to put something nice and positive to improve the post.

These are some views which I caught from the window while we were flying. First through the ice (I guess that the Arctic):



and then finally overlooking the city of Vancouver from the sky!



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