The suspended bridge: Capilano Bridge

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Ay Capilano, Capilano… If I had known you before…

Because yeah, Capilano Bridge is one of the major attractions that Vancouver has with no doubt, and of course once you are here you have to visit it. And so I, made it, for sure.

To that point is all clear ok?

But. After read what you going to read now and listening to the opinions from the people, we can perhaps start guessing that it can not be as essential as it sounds really. I will explain:

I went to the Park in my third day of stay in Vancouver and as still was a freshmen in the city, I have been invited to go to that site and as the innocent i was I accepted…

Repeat that for once in life is well and clear that you can go!

Buuuuuuuuuut what is the problem? THE PRICE.

And not by the fact that it is expensive to pay the $34 which costs the entrance to access the area of the bridge and its Park (which incidentally, is expensive), but by the fact that after tell your colleagues that you’ve been there, you find people that tells you that there is a park with another equally bridge and free in Vancouver… (Lyn Canyon Bridge called the other bridge) as a little feeling of dummy gets you if… and his pocket hurts of course.


Although the positive point is that the bus that takes you to the gates of the park entrance is free, holding it from Canada Place, although I say that pa you want to go up there if you can not then enter not? But I think that some turned around or go towards forest on your own you can (no idea).

But hey, it made, fact is, and nothing happens! I have no regrets because it was a great time with great people! Now I tell you a little about the Park.

This is the issue we were (as you can see, Asians most, showing their hearts made with the fingers, and I of course, vacilandoles hehehe):


Beside the entrance a few Indian totems had very cool:



A little later, some guys singing country that encouraged the air a little.


And here a bear friend grizzlie that we are walking in the Park:


And after a short walk, we finally arrived at the bridge! See if it is long! (The truth that impresses most in picture than in person).



But once on the bridge, expect me see desk River with water making noise and impressive to see… but I found not so much. I expected more truth. It was not bad, but to have the fame that has, well… Thus as well. This is what you see from the own Bridge:

Capilano Bridge overview

As you can see, you ni chicha ni limona.

What I liked least was that when you cross the bridge to the other side in the forest have a path determined to follow and you can’t get out of it and explore to your liking, you have to follow the path of wood you have, as seen in the picture below:


Adventure among the trees or something thus is called this way, because sometimes rose a little soil road, but not to get so excited:


The most impressive thing we saw was a kind of glass protruding slightly into the ravine and you can see everything, feeling a little vertigo and giving you the feeling that “you’ll fall” or you are walking on air.
But you flipéis not much, it is very sinmas and to highlight some of the Park.

I don’t know if it is well appreciated here:


Here another image taken from Internet that you may understand what I mean:

Capilano bridge Canyon

And well, at least I have the official proof that I was there and complete the so difficult task of seals, that you had to go by putting them in different parts of the Park to demonstrate that you have been there, to camino de Santiago! (Although for this certificate I had to walk somewhat less hehe).


And if the 34 dollars have not think enough or if you stay long time in Vancouver and you like this type of sites, you can pay the Club”capilano” (invented name, of course) that paying $100, can be accessed for one year as many times as you want to the Park and its bridge…

Another park called Lynn Canyon, where they say is another bridge that looks like you still have not gone, but when you go because I will tell you if it is worth or not or if it is comparable with the capilano.

I hope to go soon!

Edit: I’ve already gone! You can see in the post from Lynn Canyon.

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