Welcome to my blog of Basque in Vancouver where I will talk about my experiences, situations, happenings… in my first adventure in the Canadian city of Vancouver!

I came to this city with the Working Holiday Visa 2015 in order to strengthen my English and have a work experience abroad in the Digital Marketing area.

I started this blog mainly for the reason of explain and tell trough one single and better way, how Vancouver is like and the experiences I have there to all those people who were asking me about my experiences.

So, instead of writing or telling every one the same thing over and over, I just thougth… “Why not become a “blogger” so everyone could read it what I am saying and also could help other people that they are looking information about Vancouver?” so then I started  writing my first post about my trip to Vancouver and starting another new trip/adventure/experience that supposes  creating this blog.


Here is a photo showing the greatness and the awesomeness that this city is!

And to get an idea, Vancouver is located at the Western point of Canada, (on the other side where Toronto is) and nearby by the US border, being Seattle very close to it (one hour by plane).

Vancouver is famous for its natural resources, since you have mountain to go for a walk, climb or practice extreme sports; sea, lakes and waves for those they liek to stay in the water and a good system  full of ways for walking or cycling through its countless parks.

The city became quite famous after the Winter Olympics games of 2010, when people discovered how great is Vancouver to visit, stay or live and from that point, tourism has increased roughly.

The truth is that if you come to Vancouver blindly and they tell that you are in China, Korea or Japan you will believe it, because the 80% of the population of Vancouver is Asian.

So if you are coming to Canada to stay in a host family like me, rarely you will stay with a pure local Canadian family (since Canada is a very cosmopolitan country). Here I explain better how they normally are the homestays in Canada.

The prices are a little bit annoying because in most of the prices you see,they do not include you the damn taxes! so you can not easily calculate the final price of a product,even the “price” is given.

Antonio bailabamos

Right now (winter 2017) the euro has some advantage over the Canadian Dollar so even being Vancouver one of the most expensive Cities of Canada, thanks to the currency exchange the prices are  similar to the major cities of Spain  (as Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao), so the prices are not as bad as it looks like.


To learn a little bit more about Vancouver, you can visit the different sections and posts such as curiosities or sites that you can see in Vancouver!