Tips and Taxes

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The tips and taxes are something to take into account in Vancouver and in all Canada.

And sometimes is hard to understand and think like a Canadian over these topics-issues when you are purchasing products or services. I will explain:

Taxes (Tax)

In almost all the world, the price that you mark in the stores or in the menus of the restaurants or wherever the place where appears a numeric value of any product / service, is the FINAL price that you are going to pay. That means the taxes are included.

But not here. The fact is that in Vancouver, there is something that I don’t understand (but I guess it must have a reason) because in the majority of prices you see they do not include the TAX (taxes) on almost anything you are going or want to buy.

So you can see something is worth price that says it cost 5 CAD dollar, then you pick up product, prepare that amount of money and then the checker tells you that the price is 5.33 dollars.

Desperate boxes

Really? We have to mentally calculate the percentage of rates you have included?

And sure, those 33 cents is not a round price, so often they don’t give you those 2 cents they should give you back because you can not give them the right price so in the end you are  paying a little more.

That means, it does not have a big sense for the final consumer, because you can not calculate easily the final price, especially if you have a tight budget to shopping, is not easy to know how many things you can buy and how much it will cost you everything..


This part of tips  is also something that makes me a bit mess.

For example, tips in Spain depends on you, if you really liked the service, you leave the tip you want or even many times you pay just what the product costs  without tips, (especially if there is no humane treatment in this purchase).

But in Vancouver the tips are “mandatory” depending in which services. Sure you always have the option to do not pay any tip and it could have no negative response from the bar/restaurant (in some cases I forgot to pay the tip because I was not used to do that) but is considered as something very rude and even someone could tell you like “hey, you do not have included the tip”… so be careful with that.

And the percentages are between  12 to 16% of the total price you get! Fuck as if it was just a small tip!

Here you see a photo on as you get pay card for tipping machines of like that tipping in percentage or amount:


The thing is that at sites where you ask for something and they give you at the moment, for example fast food such as McDonald or Costco store must not give anything, because they are limited to give you the service.

But in other restaurants, where the person would like to welcome you, tells you “how are you today” (which is something that personally I don’t like, because I don’t know anything you ask me how I am, if I’m wrong I’m not going to say so you know that my answer is going to be “great”, “fine” or whatever it is, apart from the fact that I see something like forced because it is your work and say why) so I don’t see it natural and I feel uncomfortable) or they ask you in the middle of your conversation at dinner with friends that ‘if all is well’, in worrying for you plan (more than once happened to me that I was chewing and asks me aunt that if I need something or it is all good and I plan “do not you see that I’m chewing soul of pitcher?” and answer him as he could be all ok) and follow him without seeing, because involved in half of something we are enjoying…

I agree

It’s funny because being a country as cosmopolitan as Canada and speaking with other people of different nationalities, also think like me plan “that give me the service I want and let me quiet events, eating and talking to people, I will tell you I if I need something”.

With this I mean that a meal that is worth you $12, with taxes and tips, quietly you up to $15.

In fact in Warehouse where everything is supposed that it is worth 4.99 dollars, you just always paying $9 of real price by the tips and taxes mentioned above.

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