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In Vancouver there are 3 kind of public transports vehicles: The*Skytrain*, Seabus and the normal Bus.

public transport Vancouver

Those are interconnected with a single pass card called Compass card, that cost 5$ to get. Once you get one, you can use it in the three kind of transports mentioned previously.

This is so convenient, due you can recharge the balance of the card with any amount you want.

But if you are going to stay a large period in Vancouver, there is also a possibility to obtain a Monthly pass card, that as you can guess, is a compass card for a whole natural month. (Later I will explain you more about that).

If you do not want to get any compass card, a single ticket for one way costs 2,75 CAD (That takes around 90 minutes its use and you can use the times you want, to go wherever you want).

Also you need to take in account that the  stops are divided by zones  and depending to which zone you want to go, the ticket price varies. (That is something I personally do not understand and can not see the logic on that). Ok I will do the work for you and give you all the zone fares:

ZONE 1 (Yellow): 2,75$
ZONE 2 (Red): 4,00$
ZONE 3 (Green): 5,50$

Normally you will be on the Zone 1, because is the downtown zone and where you will go more often to do/see/party/visit/whatever in the city. The other zones… well there are just zones where people is happy with their own small and cute house, having sometimes the visit of the Grizzlies….but nice zones after all (but not for visiting). But in any case, be aware when you are moving with the zones.

vancouver zonas skytrain

Also tell you that the weekends, holidays and every single day after 6:30 on the noon,  all becomes as it was one unique zone, and so all it will cost the minimum (and here I ask myself again if they just want to make people(workers and students) pay more on a normal day and timeframe? I do not understand the price strategy, sincerely).

Returning to the compass card point, as I mentioned, if you are going to stay a whole month you MUST get the compass monthly card, that you pay one quantity per month and you have unlimited rides and uses of any transport in that month. But here same again, depending among which zones you want to move you will pay different prices:

ZONE 1: 91 $
  ZONE 2: 124 $
 ZONE 3: 170 $

If you are in the middle of the month and you are asking yourself if it is reasonable to get the Monthly pass or not, I would do it if still there are 17 days left, or what is the same you are in 13th day of that month. Because lets suppose you are going to use some transport every day, and not just to go, but go and back. So those are 17 days x 2 ways per day = 34 travels. So you are paying 91 CAD for 34 travels.

Now if we calculate same but with simple ticket, 34 travels x 2,75 Dolars are= 93.5$ a bit more than a monthly pass cost (and with monthly pass you are not limited, remember). But this calculations depends in each ones situation doing according to your own needs.

As advice, I will tell you that once you get the compass card, and specially if you obtain the Monthly passregister it on internet because is very convenient if you lost or you get stolen. Because if you lost and you do not have registered, you may buy another new one with the new balance. (I knew some girl who pays a monthly fare of 91 $ and in two days she lost it and as she had not registered the card, she bought another one by other 91 $!!! crazy!! Is she had registered she was not going to pay anything again!)

And of course…. wherever you are willing to stay in Vancouver, please CHOSE TO BE IN ZONE 1!!

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