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The first and most common question everybody does : “Is there a jobs in Vancouver?” and the answer is YES

Well, but the same question and answer could be valid to all and each parts of the world. Because, what kind of jobs are we talking about? Sure, jobs are everywhere but perhaps not the kind of jobs you are looking for… or perhaps yes! Who knows. So then, lets analyze symply the laboral world in Vancouver city:

First, the minimum salary is based on 10.45CAD /hour (7 Euro more or less).

And as in the first answer, there is a lot fo work, but specially unqualified  jobs, but a lot of that kind of jobs (you can see everywhere that they need to hire people) normally in customer service area and barista. 

Ofreciendo empleo en Vancouver

As there is much demand on this kind of jobs, previous experience is not a must  (but sure it helps) and sometimes they give you a week of training to show you how to work.  I know some people that with their little knowledge on their jobs, are being a waitress or caring children in families that they need a babysiter.

niño pasando paginas chupandose

But has you have realized this jobs are just focused on getting money, no with more expectatives and are temporaryPero como os habréis dado cuenta, estos trabajos es simplemente ir a por el dinero, sin ganas de crecer en un campo o área específica.

To access or find  this jobs from outside Vancouver will be very difficult. Is better to have the working holiday visa  and once you are here, go personally  to the retails and storres, giving your Resume by yourself, because then they can see who are you, they can speak with you a bit and have the first impresion of you. This method is very valued.

visual contact

The best temporary works (if you do not mind what to do) to earn as much as you can? Surely it is as a waitress in a unique and specialized restaurant (not mcdolands or those kind of chain restaurants). Why? Due the super known mandatory tips you receive in every serve you do.

Easily in a lowest level worker situation that it can earns 1.200 CAD monthly, you can obtain another extra wage of +400 CAD, making in total a 1.600 CAD salary!! It is awesome if you are a new starter on your work, isn’t it? But it has its bad part also, for example the schedule, that it can goes from 6 pm until close the store at 12 or 1 am… with other extra works as cleaning, picking up scum, kicking off the people, closing the entire restaurant…


By the other hand, both in summer and in winter there are a lot of demand to work in mountain resorts related in areas as ski, snowboarding, trekking… so tourism and hospitality in natural and rustic places is another of the most demanded things in Canada.

Mention that there are also companies that are willing to help you find a job in exchange for money-money, but all they do is send you to job interviews, becasue they have found some offer  in internet that sounds it can fit with your professional profile and send them to you (in other words, they do not care deeply if the job really can match you or not).

To me, they seems to be simple moneytakers and they are expensive and you, by yourself I think you can get work faster. Not worth it. (Besides as you pay them to help you find work, it does not look so nice in the end).

Now, lets check some webpage that they can be usefull to find your dreaming job (lol).

Obviously there are millions of webs where to find a work, but I am gonna tell you two of most effective that they will help you to fill your Canadian dream.


First, we have the famous On there people is looking for job, accomodation, selling/buying objects, they meet up… so is for everythign ang lot of people use it.

Here everyone can post, with the advantage or disadvanteges that this brings, and it could not be a specific portal for finding job, but you can get, believe me.

As I said, dont wait to find the best work in the world here, it is just a big database where you need to look for the most wage paying work. Thats all.


The other job searching portal, and more serious than Cragilist is the one called  indeed.

Here you must register and create your own profile with your own studies, work experiences… so you need to make your own resume on their portal and then, the companies that are in contact with indeed, can check your information and profile easily. Even you also can find yourself a non cualifiad jobs, of course.

I encourgae you to use both portals once you are in Canada, or even before you move here, to see how it works and what they ask in there.

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