Joffre Lakes

Joffre Lakes, one of the most precious and beautiful places that you can find near Vancouver, although is not used to be known among people (as for my homefamily), I think it is something that you must visit for sure, once you have the opportunity.

This place is a natural park for hiking, where you have to find 3 different lakes during your journey.It takes about 5 hours for all walking, go and back ( going takes 2 hours, besides the time you will use to take photos and other stuff, that will make that your trip longer).

These lakes seems to be taken from a fantasy film, as they were a sacred place, with an incredible blue-green colored waters (you will see it soon), surrounded by a beautiful super landscape with mountains, snow and trees and blessed with the forest fairy. All super happy. Even cows in the meadows has stylish hair:


Also be aware of the departure time from Vancouver, because this adventure will take you the whole day (for us, from 9 am to 10 PM). So go rested and strong enough to spend time walking.

Being conscious of all that and making sure that is going to be a good weather for the weekend (since we wanted to go the previous week but we were cautious and we checked the forecast which was not good so we wait to the this week when the sun is with us).

Take a bottle of water, food, Sun-cream and above all,  the feeling and desire to walk and discover these wonderful Lake. .

*Ah! you can swim on the Lake, so for the most courageous people, prepare swimsuit and  extra clothes, I am sure you will want to jump into the water! *

We were 15 people in total and to reach our destination point we rented 3 cars, where I was going to be one of the drivers! Yeppp, I was going to drive in Vancouver for the first time! But in the end, other person droves, so there is nothing interesting to tell here lol.

As I was saying, we left at 9:00 am Vancouver´s downtown, in our good looking fashioned new car. Here is a picture of the journey and of the passengers (Slovakian, Japanese, Moldovan, Mexican and me):


It took us 3 hours driving to get to our destination, but despite the long trip , it was not so annoy since we had much fun and good atmosphere in the car! (sorry for quality of the video)

And after dance, dance, dance and dance in our disco-car, we finally arrived at our destination at 12:00 Pm. (Yes, I repeat, 3 dam hours to get there!)

It is also true that we haven’t drove much fast since we were 3 cars together  and just one of us has the magic GPS that shows the way to go there, so the other two followed  him as he was our leader.

dogs following

In addition Joffre Lakes is further than Whistler so it is pretty far from Vancouver… Anyhow all depends how fast you drive and you can easily take less than 3 hours, since the exact distance is 182 km according to our friend Google:

route vancouver joffrey

And well…. after all… we finally arrived! We get out off the car and started to prepare ourselves.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at 11.48.58 PM

The sun-cream first, since previously I have been burned my nose and somebody told me I look like Olaff, the snow doll from the Disney movie Frozen:



Well, here discussing and looking the routes


And here is a photo with the times and different points of the walk

Joffrey lakes routes

finally stretch (or showing off my chest when the girls passes, I don’t know)


And after get ready, we started to walk. As you previously have seen in the board, to the first Lake are barely 10 minutes and it is a short easy walk. Anyways  the impression that the first Lake gives to you is still awesome.

First Lake

joffre Lake 9

Another perspective


And here we are all the troop we been

troop in first Lake

Easy peazy, no?


 being silly


And here we can see the snowy mountains in the background, which is where we need to reach. As you can realize, there is still way to go up to the top.

first Lake 10

After check every corner of the first lake, we wanted to continue to the next level and after take a tones of photos, we decided to move.

And yeah, we were happy all together so far, but then the road  start getting worse with rocks and stones, as you can see:


And then we started to lose group members (some went faster and others stayed behind). Here we were some of the survivors:


those who finally stood: Japan, Korea and Basque country.

3 Korean Spanish and Japanese

Also climbing trees through the forest (this is just me and my adventurous spirit, to give more emotion to the journey)

rising stem

And finally, with the downs suffered and after an hour and a half (or so), we arrived at the 2nd Lake.

Second Lake

The second, impressed me more than the first, because you were already closer to the mountain and I could feel in my face the cold breeze becoming from the snow (NO). But seems a scene taken from the Lord of the rings


and here’s a video of the second Lake. Incredible

Me proud to get to the second Lake

8l second ago

Showing my muscles for a postcard

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at 11.49.07 PM

This is photo is more likely for a real postcard


And after having enjoyed the second Lake, we just need to get in our way tho the third again. And even more Rocky yet.

Rocky Road

Even on the road through the forest it was a mini waterfall

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-15 at 10.23.43 PM

Here video to feel it better:

And walking a bit more, finally we began to see the third and final Lake! Here I explain how is the natural the process of water haha.

And taking a last rest with the wonderful views from the little bridge that is right before we get to the last point.

And thats it, goal achieved. We had arrived at the third Lake, FINALLY.

Although suddenly we were 4 (the ones from the last picture), we were just left Lele (the Taiwanese who was my roommate before) and I. And this small photo editing she did of both arriving to the third Lake:

Lele and I

Third Lake

We did finally! In addition we gathered with the rest of the group. But still some were missing and we were there, looking for the lost people and trying to see them safe and alive.


But finally they did! and we have a proof for that: the 15 were together and safe in the last Lake! We got it!

13957982_1384347024915144_5663299945067480089_o (1)

And that was our base camp

base camp

Even some people stayed to camping in the last Lake. That rocks! (But… and the bears?)

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-14 at 11.47.00 PM

The peace the last Lake gives is huge. We would not like move from there ever


Here deciding if got into the water or not (was very cold because it was directly melted snow coming from the mountain!).

Joffre lake Ander

uuuuf, almost!jofree lake 2 ander

do I get in to? Sure? It is very cold…

Joffre lake Ander almost

Soo in the end I did not got in to this time, but…

Returning from the second Lake, I said that I had to try the water of Joffre so:

And a frame where seems I jumped with turbo


And that was all my friends!

We returned to the car and other 3 hours of travelling back to Vancouver !!

So in Summary:

Expended money: Roughly 35 CAD (car rental).

Travelling Time: 3 hours go and three hours back. The excursion 5 hours.